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Technology Assessments

Technology assessments as a term are a little bit of a misnomer for the JAAT Team. The JAAT teams takes a holistic approach to technology as it interrelates to the business. In effect it is a business or business area assessment with a technology filter and overlay. Our success is measured in your ability to understand and execute any technology deployments.

The IT Stack is our baseline for the assessment and we work with your leadership to bring all aspects together.


IT Stack

These engagements can be measured in hours, days or longer. The assessments can focus on project related matters or a full-fledged road map for the future. The JAAT team has been very successful in both the private and public sector in regards to bringing value and understanding of the technology role within their organizations.

If you are looking for clarity, the JAAT team can bring that clarity, quickly, effectively and respectfully.

Making !T Work   

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